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Quality Check List

Since we are parents ourselves, we understand how hard it is to entrust your child to someone else’s care every day. Let us help make a decision you’ll feel good about. Compare! Check each box for which you can answer “yes”.


- Will my child be safe?

- Is the environment clean, safe, and comfortable?

- Is there any open-door policy so that parents may visit the facility at any time?

- Do educator/child ratios meet or exceed high standard requirements?

- Is there a first aid kit available in a prominent place?

- Are consistent, classroom-specific efforts made to limit illnesses from spreading?

- Do educators sit with children at mealtimes to model appropriate manners?


- Who will take care of my child and what will my child do all day?

- Do the children in the program seem relaxed and happy?

- Are there special activities and learning programs geared to the needs of each age group of children?

- Are there field trips for preschool and school-age children?

- Are the educators involved with the children, rather than just directing their activities?

- Is there consistent communication between parents and staff regarding children’s developmental progress, as well as scheduled conferences?

- How will you respond if my child behaves in inappropriate ways?

- Is positive guidance used as the guiding philosophy in the classroom?

- Are aggressive reactions in the classroom responded to, quickly, and with understanding?

- Is parent participation and communication in the guidance process encouraged?

- What will you do to promote the child’s self-esteem, confidence, and independence?

- Will my family’s cultural values be respected and incorporated into the curriculum?

- Are children offered a variety of choices throughout the day?

- Does the program have a new child orientation system in place?

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