​"Education is the most powerful tool which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

High-quality Education Approach:


Garderie Rainbow endorses a concept of a Child-Centered Approach combine with Learning Through Play as a basis for its program.

Child-centered learning is considered to be a philosophy, as opposed to a methodology, and therefore no two classrooms are alike. Generally speaking, however, a child-centered educator tries to create an environment that will motivate the children to discover new skills and knowledge. This type of child development encourages kids to explore their interests and ask their own questions. It focuses on developing a child's unique sense of creativity not just through artistic expression, but in how they learn new concepts and solve problems. The technique dictates that educators, instead of telling the child exactly what they have to do, should observe more passively, giving the child the space to learn and grow in his or her own way.

Play is the child’s work and can be used to achieve certain goals. Those goals are to develop in the child a desire to learn, to develop learning skills, and to give the child a wide range of experience both sensory and intellectual.

We created a unique program that stress age-appropriate LEARNING THROUGH PLAY, the following are some of the activities in a typical day and some of the reasons for their presence in Garderie Rainbow: Graphic and Plastic Arts, clip art, cooking art, music, and dance, Language arts and storytelling, and arty creations with manipulating toys, this is in addition to science and pre-math.

All of the above is compatible with the requirements of the MFA that brings a complete curriculum that suit the children's needs.


We call it learning .. Kids call it FUN :)



Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. - Aristotle