Money Back  Guarantee

The only Garderie in Montreal that offers a Guarantee for its care!

Choosing child care is a huge decision.  At Garderie Rainbow, we are serious about providing the very highest quality early childhood education for each child entrusted to our care.  We are striving to keep our position as one of the best "Daycare in montreal".


Giving each child individual Tender Loving Childcare is more than just a slogan, it’s a PASSION.  

This is why we offer our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*:

We have a commitment to your family and are very confident you will be completely satisfied with your child’s happiness, safety, learning, and care received at Garderie Rainbow.  


At Garderie Rainbow we want to develop trust with all of our parents.  We want you to feel extremely comfortable that your child is receiving the very best care available from a Tender Loving Staff.

We have risen to the occasion to make you feel as comfortable as possible!

* Ask for details! (Some conditions may apply)






                   Child Centered Approach

Programme Bilingue/ Bilingual program


     Apprendre par le jeu/ Learning through play


Garderie Rainbow est une garderie privée au centre ville de Montréal, sa mission est de fournir un service de qualité pour les enfants de 3 mois à 5 ans en assurant notamment la santé, la sécurité, le développement et le bien-être des enfants. En plus encourager l’apprentissage et la créativité, et aider à comprendre l’environnement par la découverte. La direction mettra tous les moyens nécessaires pour atteindre ces objectifs.

L’enfant apprend par le jeu.




Garderie Rainbow is a private daycare center in downtown Montreal that aims to prepare children to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive curriculum tailored specifically for children up to 5 years of age. This program is based on Child Centered Approach combined with Learning Through Play.

we offer a specially designed space providing our exclusive bilingual program teaching English and 

French for kids in rich educative curriculum including 

introduction to math, science experiment and introduction to Computer as well.

Our curriculum includes activities such as arts and crafts, dance, theatre, Yoga and Zumba.

Quality Check list

Since we are parents ourselves, we understand how hard it is to entrust your child to someone else’s care everyday. Let us help make a decision you’ll feel good about. Compare! Check each box for which you can answer “yes”.


Will my child be safe?

- Is the environment clean, safe and comfortable?

- Is there any open door policy so that parents may visit the facility at any time?

- Do educator/child ratios meet or exceed high standard requirements?

- Is there a first aid kit available in a prominent place?

 How will you promote my child’s health and nutritional needs?

- Are all areas cleaned regularly by a professional?

- Are consistent, classroom-specific efforts made to limit illnesses from      spreading?

- Do educators sit with children at meal times to model appropriate manners, - interactions and nutritional choices?


Who will take care of my child and what will my child do all day?

- Do the children in the program seem relaxed and happy?

- Are there special activities and learning programs geared to the needs of each age group of children?

- Are there field trips for the preschool and school age children?

- Are the educators supported by training and materials?

- Are the educators involved with the children, rather than just directing their activities?

- Is there consistent communication between parents and staff regarding children’s developmental progress, as well as scheduled conferences?

-How will you respond if my child behaves in inappropriate ways?

- Is positive guidance used as the guiding philosophy in the classroom?

- Are aggressive reactions in the classroom responded to quickly and with understanding?

- Is parent participation and communication in the guidance process encouraged?

 What will you do to promote my child’s self esteem, confidence and independence?

- Will my family’s cultural values be respected  and incorporated into the curriculum?

- Are children offered a variety of choices throughout the day?

- Does the program have a new child orientation system in place?

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