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1. How much would the registration cost, and what services do you offer?


Cost and services:


  • Full Time:

  • The cost is 65$/day

  • Part-Time: 3 or 4 days per week $70 per day

  • Part-Time (half days) $45 for children 18 months to 5 years old only.

  • All daycare fees are payable per month.

  • Drop-in fee: $80 (Some conditions apply)


2. What are the hours of operation?


  • Our hours of operation are from 7:30- 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. There is the possibility of extending daycare services an additional hour in the evening (from 5:30 -6:30) from Monday to Friday. There will be an additional cost of $8 for every additional half an hour daily.


What are the educator’s qualifications and the child/educator ratio?


  • All educators are highly experienced, with up to 25 years in the field.


  • Our educators have studied early childhood education and have all the knowledge and tools needed to work with children. They have all completed first aid training certification and have obtained a police background check.


  • Most importantly, educators have a genuine love for children and education.


  • The ratio is 1:5 for children 3-18 months and 1:8 for children 18 months to 5 years old.


3. What about your meals and MENU?

  • We have a catering service that provides healthy, balanced meals and snacks. 


  • Our lunch meals offer lots of variety and ethnic diversity.


  • All menus respect the Canadian food guide.


  • We do not serve any fried food, and the lunches and snacks have limited sodium and limited sugar.


  • Vegetarian, vegan, and halal options are available.


  • We are very diligent about food allergies and intolerances.


  • For children aged 3 to 17 months, only foods introduced at home will be given to children at the daycare. Parents must provide formula and baby food if the child is not yet drinking milk and eating regular food.

  • We accept formula or breast milk.

  • We provide purée food for babies.


Example menu for two weeks (menu changes every week)


The morning Snack is always fresh fruits eg. Pear, banana, peach, apple, watermelon.


Our hot lunch is freshly cooked every day. Example of our lunches:


-Farfalle with a rosé sauce, salmon, and broccoli

-Egg sandwich and carrots

-Peas, carrots in tomato sauce, minced beef, and rice.

-Paté Chinois and cucumbers

-Chicken and rice served with broccoli and carrots

-Greek puff pastry filled with cheese and spinach served with a vegetable medley

-Macaroni with a rosé sauce, chicken, and broccoli

-Basques meatballs served with peppers and bulgar

-Filet of sole Spanish paella-rice and vegetables

-Spaghetti with tomato sauce, minced meat, and broccoli


We have lots of varieties of afternoon snacks such as:


-Dry fruits and milk

-Milk and waffle

-Oatmeal cookie and milk

-Crackers, cheese, and cherry tomato

-Pita and hummus

-Carrots and raisins with milk

-Mini croissant and cheese

-Mixed fruit yogurt

-Milk and multigrain cereal

-Oatmeal Pudding 



4. Can I have an idea about your Educational Program? 


  • We pride ourselves on having a rich child-centered approach, combined with learning through play as the basis of our educational program.


  • We created an environment that is rich and stimulating in the daycare, and we create opportunities for children to experience new things outside the daycare (daily visits to parks in the area, weekly visits to the library, walks in the neighborhood, and other educational outings: fire station, museums, sugar shack, pumpkin patch, etc.). 


  • We have monthly themes that we center our educational program around.


  • We are a bilingual daycare. The children learn English half of the day and French half of the day. We have one circle time in English and one in French.


  • We further emphasize the French language in the pre-school class to help the children to get ready for Kindergarten. 



5. Do you have any particular theme every month?


Yes, our Monthly Themes are as follows: 


September: Welcome to daycare – All about me – Apple


October: Fire safety- Thanksgiving – Autumn – Halloween


November: The human body - Hygiene –The 5 senses  


December: Winter – Christmas


January: Winter Sports – Arctic animals – My family


February: Friendship – Emotions – Valentine`s 


March: Means of transportation – Health - Nutrition + four food groups


April: Spring -  Easter – Farm animals – Earth day


May: Gardening - Mother`s day –Dinosaurs


June: Father`s Day – Insects – Summer


July: Beach + Ocean – Animals in the ocean – Fun Science week


August: Multicultural month – Space – Circus   



6. What about your Daily Routine?


  • In the pouponnière, we really go with the child`s needs and schedule. We want there to be a smooth transition between home and daycare life. As they get closer to 18 months, we start transitioning them to the older daycare schedule.

  • The children go outside twice in the summer (morning and afternoon) and once in the winter (morning).


7. What is a typical daily routine?


We follow the rhythm of every Poupon like naptime or feeding time. 


Schedule of the day (3 - 18 months)**: 


7:30: Arrival & free play

8:30: Hand washing and snack

9:30: Hygiene and diaper changing

10:00: Circle time- Songs and movement

10:30: Outside play

11:30: Hand washing and Lunch

12:15: Diaper changing

12:30: Nap

2:30: Gradual wake up

3:00: Snack

3:30: Hand washing and diaper changing

3:45: Guided art activity and story time

4:15: Outside Free play

6:00: Closing time


Schedule of the day (18 months – 5 years old)**:


7:30-8:30: Welcome! Free Play

8:30-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-9:15:  Physical Activity: (Dance, Zumba, Yoga, exercise)

9:15-9:45:   Hygiene routine and snack 

9:45-10:05: Circle time: Explanation and discussion of the weekly themes

10:05-10:30: Craft (painting, cutting, collage) or baking

10:30-11 :30: Outdoor play

11:30-12 :15:  Hygiene routine and lunch

12:15-12 :30: Storytime and nap time routine

12 :30-2 :30: Nap

2:30-3 :00: Hygiene routine and snack

3:00-3:20: Circle time (French)

3:20-3 :45: Guided activity (science, math, writing/tracing)

3:45-4 :30: Outside Gross motor activity (movement games, dance, a walk in the neighborhood)

4:30-6:00: Free play- closing  


**Please note that the schedule may vary based on the needs/ interests of the children and special events. **


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